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CV writing NZ is the leading Company in New Zealand which helps people write various type of CVs including Academic CV , Graduate CV, Executive CV etc. So if you are looking to write your own academic CV then read out these tips which may help you get started :

  • Personal Information:

    This is where you put your name, contact details, and sometimes a short note about yourself.

  • Education:

    Talk about the schools you went to, when you went there, and what degrees you got.

  • Research Experience:

    This is where you talk about any research projects you’ve worked on. You say what you did, what methods you used, and if you found anything cool.

  • Teaching Experience:

    If you’ve taught before, this is where you talk about it. You say what subjects you taught, how you taught them, and if you got any awards for teaching.

  • Publications:

    Here, you list any papers or books you’ve written or helped with. It’s like showing off all the smart stuff you’ve written.

If you are still concern that you wont be able to write your CV professionally then you might consult with an academic CV expert like “CV writing NZ” to write it for you as we are #1 in New Zealand and are trusted by many.


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